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What is 

GameChanger+ is a simple concept that supports athletes all around the country. We want to use the high school hometown heroes of each community to coach the future hometown heroes. The BEST student-athletes from your local high school are working as private coaches for your youth athletics community for just $10-50/hour. Student-athletes can now build their own business that fits into their busy schedules while providing affordable, top-notch private coaching to kids in their local youth athletics community. (Collegiate Athletes coming soon!)

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Connecting Dots

"Kids today, are doing what only professionals could do just 5 years ago. The level of play is growing rapidly."

To compete at the next level, athletes need help. GC+ coaches are the best current players who know and understand what it takes to be successful at one of the highest and most crucial levels.


Affordable Private 


The national average for private coaches is $72/hour. Get access to coaches who understand today's game, at the highest levels. Get the most of your time & money for only $10-$50/hour.

Tailored, Personalized

Private Coaching 

Our coaches know the skills you need to be successful under your HS coach's style of play. Incoming players can immediately fit into the coach's playbook and be a GameChanger.

From practice drills, to recruitment advice, to scheduling classes, our coaches are real mentors and role models. They will lead the lives of the youth that will soon run the same fields & walk the same halls.

More than a Coach.

A Mentor.


Why GameChanger+? We offer the best of every world.

How it Works

The best high school student-athletes are here to coach YOU.


Sign Up

Create an account as a player and put in your sports and preferences 


Instant Access

Get access to your best local high school athletes who have been vetted and are ready to help take you to the next level!


Browse through different coaches to find the one that's the perfect fit. Schedule a new session!

Schedule a Session

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Get Better!

Go get better and become a GameChanger! Tag on instagram for a shout-out! 

About Us

Our Story


Led by the belief that every athlete matters.

A football player at the University of Pennsylvania, Albert Jang founded GameChanger+ from his dorm room. Growing up, Albert wanted nothing more than a private coach to help him perfect his craft but his parents just couldn't afford it. Fast forward to high school, Albert was studying for school, playing sports, and working a job. He would leave the house at 5 AM and not come home until 10 PM. It was exhausting. Albert wants to give every athlete access to affordable private coaching and every student-athlete, a chance to build their own business on their own terms. With the vision of a brighter future, GameChanger+ was born.



“GameChanger+ is amazing. I was able to get our varsity GK to train my son and help him prepare for his first high school tryouts!”

Matthew Daniels

“I love this app. My daughter adores and loves her trainer. She's an amazing coach and an even better mentor!”

Chara Sibley

“I tried a trainer for my son and he was a GREAT coach and mentor at such an affordable price! I love it. He can't wait for HS ball now.”

Aaron Chow

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