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Frequently Asked Questions

Trust and Safety

There are 6 rules for every trainer and player.

  1. Choose a location that is open (Ex. No hopping fences) 

  2. No foul and abusive language 

  3. Trainers MUST stay with the player until he/she is picked up by a trusted parent or guardian

  4. No dangerous drills that has high risk for injury

  5. No cash payments. All payments must be kept centralized through the app. If your payment and session is not recorded through the app, you will not be protected by the $1 Million insurance.

  6. If session requests are not accepted within 4 days, payments will be refunded to the client. Trainers, be sure to accept or decline sessions as soon as possible.

  7. Have FUN and get BETTER

How do I become a GameChanger+ coach?

There are two ways you can become a GC+ coach. The first way is through your high school coach. If your high school is enrolled with GC+, your high school coach will have the registration code that can give you access to become a coach. If your school is not enrolled with GC+, you can email to begin next steps of becoming a GC+ coach.

How does GameChanger+ Work?

GameChanger+ is a simple system. GameChanger+ works with your high schools to provide their best and most qualified student-athletes to be coaches. Local youth athletes can see these coaches through the app and schedule a session to train with them at an affordable price.

Who is eligible to be a GameChanger+ Coach?

You must be at least a junior or senior in high school to be eligible as a trainer.

How am I protected as a coach? 

All GC+ coaches are protected with a $1 million general liability insurance coverage for every training session. However, we can only cover sessions that have been booked through the app which is why it is critical to stay on the app.

How do I book a session?

You can book sessions through the app. Select a coach and create a session with him or her. Once the trainer accepts the session, the session is created. If the session is declined, you will receive an automatic refund for the session created. Any pending session requests for beyond 4 days will also be refunded.

How do I get paid as a coach?

During the sign up process ACCURATELY put in your account and routing number and your financial institution. Be sure to double check that the numbers are correct. Coaches will then be paid every Tuesday for all sessions in the week prior. Pending session requests for beyond 4 days will be automatically declined.

Are there any fees to be a coach?

No. There are zero fees to be a GC+ coach.

How do payments work?

Payments are made when you create a session with a trainer. If the trainer declines the session, payments will be refunded and if the trainer does not accept or reject the session within 4 days, payments will also be refunded then.

How can I get a refund?

You can request a refund through the app in the settings page or you can email

Can I pay in cash?

Because all sessions must be recorded through the app, cash payment is not allowed. To prioritize safety and security, keep all transaction centralized through the app.

Where do the training sessions take place?

You can chat with the trainer to decided on a location that fits for the both of you. Choose a location with open fields (No hopping fences)

Is GameChanger+ safe?

GameChanger+ is safe. We take your safety as number one priority. All coaches have been validated and vetted through GameChanger+

Do I need to report my earning on my tax return? 

Yes. However, since coaches on GameChanger+ are working independently, we don’t supply W2s for tax purposes. But, we will provide coaches who make $600.00 or more in a calendar year with a Form 1099. You can see your total earnings on the app.

What's the refund policy?

If you were unsatisfied with your training session, email support@gamechangerplus with your training ID or request a refund through the app. Note that refunds can take up to 7-10 days. The coach will also be notified that the session was refunded and he/she will not be getting paid for that session.

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